A Habit of Seeing: Journeys In Natural Science

By Sura Jeselsohn

Slip beneath Nature’s complexities.

Join me as I explore hidden

worlds that exist under our noses.


I was first interviewed in July 2022 by www.Artistfirst.com, a group dedicated to introducing new authors and musicians to the public.

It was so much fun that I was invited back for a second chat in August 2022.

I gave a library talk on September 4th, 2022 entitled ” Exotic Nature is All Around Us.” In an hour, it was my intent to sensitize the audience to the natural world that inhabits even dense areas of urbanization. In a world facing serious natural challenges my underlying theme is you cannot love and protect something you do not actively notice. I hope that I was able to accomplish this purpose. The video of the talk can be found here.


COVID conditions are slowly changing for the better .