This page is designed for me to upload short but interesting moments.


Black Swallowtail Butterfly

I have always thought that the idea for stained glass windows evolved from watching butterflies flaunt their dazzling colors and patterns.

Cute but Destructive – Rabbits Moving In

Many wild animals are very cute. Sometimes we are drawn to them because of fairy tales. That does not make them benign.

Mystery Butterfly Visitor


New Garden Visitor

A flash of lavender! A lucky photo leads the identification of a new visitor to my garden.

Dancing Monarchs

I can certainly understand why a group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope.

We were walking home Shabbos morning(9-11-21) at 11:30am and passed Independence Avenue & W. 236th St. On that corner (property of PS24), there was a white-flowered buddleia attracting tens of Monarch butterflies. We went back today, Sunday morning (9-12-21), and took pictures and videos. Buddleia flowers tend to bloom and die back quickly and, I believe that there were fewer butterflies today than yesterday. But, in any case, enjoy!

Clethra alnifolia