How it all began

I wasn’t always an avid reader. I remember being in first grade and being taught from the Dick and Jane series how to read. For the life of me, even at six years old, I could not fathom how anyone could rouse any interest in “Watch Dick run” or “Look at Spot.” Apparently I did grasp the process because I never need any further help with the subject but reading was definitely not a priority.

While I do remember being taken to the library, somehow I always ended up in the children’s section with highly illustrated volumes where I could appreciate the illustrations but could not work up enough enthusiasm to actually attempt reading the stories. As far as I was concerned, reading was boring and irrelevant!

But we ended up moving and moving again and by the time I was in fourth grade, books were my close friends. My mother always said that the loss of past friends plus moving to streets where there were absolutely no children of any age, let alone my age, pushed me into reading. Maybe, she was right or maybe I just found something interesting to read. I do remember riding my bike a half mile several times a week to the local library and returning with a basketful of reading material. Our school also had a library and I took books out from there as well.

Regardless of how I came to books originally, they are now a permanent and important part of my life. While I read fiction and non-fiction, sometimes it is hard to put down my mystery or my novel and stoke up my energies so I can fully concentrate on some serious non-fiction.

Certainly, we are all under stress at this time. I am concerned every time I walk into fruit store or supermarket which are the only out-of-house excursions I allow myself. The thought, however, that I have more time than usual to pull out a book is my ever-present and comfortable refuge. With my love of books and a bit of extra space in our home, there are books everywhere.

Some people love antiquing. I, however, am always on the lookout for used book sales at libraries and thrift shops. Therefore, at any time, I probably have at least six months worth of reading lying around me as well as all the used books that I have kept as being worth a second read.

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