Chlorophyll has Colleagues-IV

Nature is never simple. We have discussed chlorophyll, the chlorophyll containing structures known as chloroplasts, and even animals that have incorporated chloroplasts into their cells. Today, we will move along to other pigments found in plants. Accessory Pigments – Carotenoids & Anthocyanins Carotenoids  The carotenoids are divided into two classes based on their chemistry – …

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Where did all the chloroplasts go? – Part III

So, just to be clear, chlorophyll powers photosynthesis. Chlorophyll is found in chloroplasts and chloroplasts are found only in plants. Well, not so fast. Nature is always surprising us.  A Fascinating sea slug May I present the sea-slug ,Elysia viridis. Elysia viridis – Courtesy of Genet Their green  color is really due to chlorophyll located …

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